Circles of Hope Telethon

It’s all about the Kids

It’s all about the KIDS: these words guide us at the Center everyday.

This year we are honoring all the kids we have served and some very important people who have been a great part of our mission at the Center by sharing these words with you.

Carl Perkins, Rusty Mac, Cousin Tuny and Conrad DeLaney contributed greatly to the Center and what it is today. They gave so much because they loved the kids! None of them wanted recognition for their time and contributions, they did it for the kids. The day before Carl Perkins died, he said out of everything he did in his life, he was most proud of his work with the Center. Rusty Mac started many of the programs still running today, such as collecting toys for Christmas and the Adopt a Teen program in honor of his own son who died young. Conrad was a good friend of Rusty and when Rusty died, Conrad vowed to keep up Rusty’s work because he loved the kids. Cousin Tuny believed that all of God’s children should be loved and protected and she lived that in everything she did, including through her work with the Center.

These words guide our work every year and, this year, we hope these same words will lead you to help in our mission.

You Can Make a Difference

The Annual Circles of Hope Telethon helps fund the services these children need to recover from the trauma of abuse. On average, it costs the center $600 per child to provide the therapy and support they need to heal from these heinous acts.

You can help by clicking here to make an online donation now or increase your impact by asking your friends and family to help support a cause you believe is important. Your team can support a specific county or the overall telethon. All money raised stays locally to help children and families right here in West Tennessee. Your personal fundraising campaign will go toward our 2018 Circles of Hope Telethon goal to raise $1.5 million to fund programs and services offered by the Center.

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