Circles of Hope Telethon

Why Buttons?

There are few things more common than buttons. So common, we rarely even notice them. Unfortunately, child abuse is almost as common, and also often goes unnoticed. The Carl Perkins Center is here to serve the children of West Tennessee when abuse is discovered. Each child that walks through the door of the Carl Perkins Center selects a button to place in the jar. The buttons are different sizes and colors even textures but we want to show the children that they are unique as individuals but they are not alone in their journey.

You Can Make a Difference

The Annual Circles of Hope Telethon helps fund the services these children need to recover from the trauma of abuse. On average, it costs the center $600 per child to provide the therapy and support they need to heal from these heinous acts.

You can help by clicking here to make an online donation now or increase your impact by creating a fundraising team to ask your friends and family to help support a cause you believe is important. Your team can support a specific county or the overall telethon. All money raised stays locally to help children and families right here in West Tennessee. Your personal fundraising campaign will go toward our 2017 Circles of Hope Telethon goal to raise $1.5 million to fund programs and services offered by the Center.

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