High Five Club

Please answer our Call to Action by participating in the Center’s “High Five Club” Initiative.  This is an opportunity for each board member to give above and beyond to ensure the Center can continue serving the most vulnerable populations in our Communities. 

This will only be a success with your help. Simply put: you make the first commitment and then you recruit four co-workers or friends to become a High Five Club member.  Together you will set a monthly donation, that generates five times the support for your Local Center. The beginning level is $20 a month for each individual, totaling a $100 monthly, $1200 a year.  Of course, larger donations are appreciated. 

View Official Call to Action

Payment Opportunities:

Establish your level of commitment to fighting child abuse in your community by participating in the High Five Club!

Your High Five Club members can make a one-time gift or recurring donation.

For Recurring Donations please contact Keleia McCartney at [email protected].


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