Six-Year Business Plan


The Exchange Club-Carl Perkins Center for the Prevention of Child Abuse has outlined a comprehensive business plan that strategically identifies both the qualitative and quantitative goals of the organization. These goals guide the agency in the way we do business. The plan provides the Central Board with outcome goals to be achieved and the professional staff with outcomes that provide a sense of vision and focus.

Over the next six years, the Exchange Club-Carl Perkins Center has, as its mission, to provide support to families in preventing and dealing with child abuse in West Tennessee and to help both parents and children meet the practical needs of preserving and improving the quality of family life.

This mission will be achieved by providing quality services to individuals who have experienced child abuse, are at risk of abusive behavior or who seek help as parents to prevent child abuse and/or improve their parenting skills. The Center will also work to educate the community about child abuse and offer services that will enhance the well-being of families in West Tennessee.

The Center has identified the Core Services that each Center should offer in their communities. The level of each Core Service shall be based on the need in their individual communities. The Core Services identified are Forensic Interview, Parent Education Groups, Parent Aide Services, Relative Caregiver Program, Stewards of Children, Therapy and Victim Advocacy.

The following goals have been identified and established as the Center’s area of focus for the next six years:

Goal 1.  To continue the pursuit of excellence in all program areas.

Goal 2.  To equalize core services at each Center location to meet the needs of their community.

Goal 3.  To establish Centers in the five counties that do not currently have a location or advisory board. Those Counties are Benton, Dyer, Fayette, Lake and Obion.

Goal 4.  To solidify each County budget and have a self-sustainable budget that will support the needed services in their community.

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