Rusty Mac Adopt A Teen Program

The Christmas season is such a happy time of year.  Can you imagine being a teenager, waking up on Christmas morning to no gift under the tree?  Although it may be hard to believe, there are teens right here in our community that will experience this very sadness. 

As a tribute to his son, Rusty Mac, a local radio personality, decided to honor his son’s memory by providing a happy Christmas experience to local teens. Thus, the “Adopt a Teen for Christmas” program was born. Since Rusty’s death in March 2004, this program has been re-named in his honor and memory and is now the “Rusty Mac Adopt a Teen Program.” 

 As a sponsor of the Rusty Mac Adopt a Teen program, you have the power to help make the holiday wishes of one or more of the teens served by the Exchange Club-Carl Perkins Center for the Prevention of Child Abuse come true. 

This year, we have 242 teens on the list to be adopted for Christmas.  For $100, you can guarantee one teen feels loved and supported this holiday season.  Won’t you help provide them with the special Christmas they deserve?

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