Giving Tuesday

How the Carl Perkins Center is Changing Lives


Judith called in during one of the Center’s radiothons with Q102.  She shared how her uncle had been sexually abusing her.  She was afraid to tell her parents, and so afraid she had done something wrong.  Our counselors met with Judith and went with her to talk to her parents.  The staff stayed with her during the investigation and court proceedings.  Counselors helped her work through the pain she was feeling.  Our goal was to ease the pain and help her heal. 

The Center worked with Judith and her parents.  We helped her understand that what happened to her was not her fault.  We supported her, loved her, and have been there for her through the years.  Today Judith is doing very well.  She has come back to the Center to help and give of herself.  She wanted to help others as she was helped.  She established and Advocacy Legacy Fund for the Madison County Child Advocacy Center.  Because of the support of the West Tennessee community, Judith was helped.  God bless you for being there.  Giving Tuesday is a way you can continue to help others just like Judith.  Help ease their pain.  Help them heal.  You can truly help change lives.  Judith is living proof.


Caroline was just a small little girl when her parents decided they did not want her or her five brothers and sisters.  She and her siblings begged their parents not to leave them.  They said they would be good.  Please don’t leave us.  But the story did not end there.  The parents brought them to the Center, and that was the beginning of the rest of their lives. Caroline often says that it was the “best day of their lives” because they were placed with parents that loved them, and told them they could be anything they wanted to be.  The Center supported Caroline and her siblings through some really tough times.  Social workers provided food, clothing, school supplies, and Christmas for them.  The children are all grown and all living healthy lives.  Caroline owns her own successful business and has beautiful children of her own.  She says she doesn’t know what would have happened to them if the Center had not been there for her and her siblings.  Because of the support of West Tennessee, Caroline was helped.  Giving Tuesday, please remember Caroline and others just like her whose life was changed because of the Center.  You can make a donation to help another little girl or boy.  Life is better when we can help others.

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