Social Media Safety

  • Keep devices that provide access to social media out of children’s bedrooms.

  • Set limits for social media use: consider your child’s age, set time limits, and also

encourage activities that don’t include online chatting.

  • Parents should “friend” and “follow” their children on all social media sites for which they have accounts.

  • Set a good example - don’t post angry or critical content, and set your own time


  • Parents should have all their children’s passwords; this includes electronic devices, email, and social media sites. Explain that you may not check every day, but you check

in often.

  • Talk with your children about what are considered social media appropriate content and images – help them understand that everything they post can become public and last forever.

  • Help them understand that private information should be kept private, and

discuss the risks of sharing personal information online.

  • Set established consequences for when social media rules are broken and enforce these rules. However, do understand that children make mistakes, and the consequences should be reasonable.

The National Exchange Club is proud to help spread the internet safety awareness through the experience and knowledge of expert Detective Rich Wistocki, Naperville Police Department. Learn more on our website and YouTube channel.

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