Remember, Mom and Dad… Take Care of You, Too!

Many parents spend more time taking care of others!

• Friends are important! It is okay to ask a friend for help or advice.

• Get involved with a local church or faith-based community.

• Write in a journal; note what works best when you feel frustrated and stressed.

• Get enough sleep.

• Find fun activities to do with your children; try taking walks, reading together, or playing games.

• Look for family centers in your community that offer resources, information, and support.

• Know what to expect as your children grow – The National Exchange Club offers numerous resources on its website!

• Other resources include:

• It’s okay to seek professional help, especially if you’re dealing with personal issues of violence, substance abuse, or mental health issues.

Taking time for yourself helps you cope when life gets rough, and it sets a good example for your child.

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