Cheat Sheet for Peaceful Bedtimes

  1. Try to have bedtime the same time every night. Be as consistent as you can.

  2. Give your child reminders as bedtime nears.

  3. Set a routine before bed.

  4. Read a book.

  5. Tell one story.

  6. Talk about the day.

  7. Use a special bedtime “comfort.”

    • Have a special pillow or blanket.

    • Soft music or special night light.

    • Have a favorite stuffed animal.

  8. Keep physical activities earlier in the evening.

  9. Don’t start longer games, books, movies before bed. That may start arguments about staying up.

  10. Give choices if possible.

  11. “Would you like to read a book or listen to soft music?”

  12. “Would you like Mom or Dad to tuck you in?”

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