Facts About Abuse

Know the Truth

Look inside the hearts of children. The numbers can be overwhelming and very sad.

  • A child is abused or neglected every 47 seconds in the U.S., according to the Tennessee Chapter of Child Advocacy Centers.
  • The national statistics show that every day, four children die as a result of child abuse. Three of those four are under the age of four years old.
  • In the State of Tennessee, there were over 38,000 cases of child abuse last year. That is 104 children every day!

As staggering as those statistics are, it is all too easy to view this as “someone else’s problem” as we continue on with our daily routine. The fact is, it affects every one of us, every day. Just look at the facts. In 2015, the Center helped and improved the lives of over 16,000 individuals, with over 10,000 of these individuals being children in our community who were dealing with the horrors of child abuse.

The Consequences

Although they are helpless victims, children often feel responsible for the actions of those around them...feeling guilty they are such a burden or trying desperately to be “good.” When children are abused by people who are supposed to love them, they learn that abuse is inherent in intimate relationships. Those who survive child abuse are more likely to experience depression, engage in violent behavior, have delayed academic achievement and develop an impaired sense of moral values. These effects are not limited to childhood; they linger to impact adulthood as well. Those who are abused as children are far more likely to become abusers themselves. The mission of the Center is to provide support to families in preventing and dealing with child abuse in West Tennessee and to help both parents and children meet practical needs of preserving and improving the quality of family life.

The Goal – Breaking the Cycle of Child Abuse

Since we learn to be parents from the way we were parented, abuse often becomes a tragic cycle—one that will continue to ruin lives for generations unless we break the cycle and help the children who have already been hurt. The Center strives to help parents and children deal with abuse when it has already occurred, to prevent further abuse and to provide support and training to families where a potential for abuse exists.

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